Curriculum Vitae

IT manager / Senior team leader / Python professional


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Wichterlova 2372/8, Prague 8, Czechia

+420 775 054 554


Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

2002 - 2008

Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, Russia


  • Python expert
  • Containerization
  • Decreasing legacy code
  • Code standardization
  • Step-by-step refactoring
  • Agile development
  • Mentoring (up to Lead)
  • Team coordination
  • Public speaking
  • Interviewing

Hard skills

Python, PHP, C++, Javascript, Bash
Nginx, uwsgi, async frameworks
MySQL family databases
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint)
Cassandra, MongoDB and other NoSQL dbs
Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana
Azkaban, Sentry, Jaeger
Virtualization (kvm, lxc, openvz)
CI/CD, bootstrapping and automation
Debian packaging
Python packaging
Coding standards
Complex automated testing
Code reviewing


Russian | Native
Czech | Fluent
English | Professional working proficiency


Drone piloting
Aerial photography
Indoor climbing

Public speaking

The way of a backend programmer

Video, Slides

Super() quiz

Video, Slides

Bytecode manipulations

Video, Slides



Alex Rembish

I have more than 16 years of active programming experience including 9 years as a Python expert, 5+ years as a team leader and the last 3 years as the head of backend development.

I’m now looking for a new opportunity with an interesting startup or an older project with a rich history and complex issues that need to be solved. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a technical leader, an architect, or a Python evangelist.

CZ/EU citizen

Professional Experience

Head of Development

Oct 2021 - Present

Shoptet, a.s. | Prague

Managing 4 teams (20 programmers and tech leaders). Setting up better agile processes, improving relations with the Operations and QA departments, coordinating better product roadmap’s planning.

  • Changes to be explained
  • Problems are to be solved, not to be hidden
  • Simpler hiring process

Software Architect

Jan 2021 - Sep 2021

Shoptet, a.s. | Prague

Starting a new project with the external team of programmers. Setting up a complete project environment including automation, basic cloud infrastructure (dev side), and general support.

  • Continuous Integration and delivery
  • Kubernetes manifests
  • Metrics and logging

Head of development

Feb 2019 - Dec 2020 a.s. @ | Prague

Managing up to 18 teams (75 programmers and tech leaders) in 5 different locations in the Czech Republic. Coordinating technological roadmap and consulting product development estimates. Decreasing technical debt.

  • Transparent development, building product vs dev relations
  • Technological tasks are part of the department roadmap
  • Problems are to be solved, not to be hidden
  • Lead technical meetups
  • Metrics, SLA/SLO
  • Business logs to be streamed

Team leader

May 2017 - Jan 2019 a.s. @ | Prague

Leading two teams (10 programmers) in 2 different locations in the Czech Republic. Primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the partners’ portal at Mentoring less experienced colleagues (up to Senior). Public speaking about Python. Containerization of frontend components and other Python-based services.

  • Team grew from 2 to 10 members
  • Lead developer on two “first line” web applications at
  • Reduced on-boarding time from 2 days to 15 minutes
  • Several core components were switched from a legacy to open-source codebase
  • Python 2 to 3 migration
  • Stable and well-documented scripts for partners’ revenue calculations

Senior Python Programmer

Jun 2014 - Apr 2017 a.s. @ | Prague

As a separated programmer, I worked almost on all components written in Python: libraries, websites, RPC servers and maintenance scripts.

  • Changed own agenda from C++ back to Python to dive deeper and extend knowledge of the language
  • Split a monolithic repository for core websites into three separated websites for partners, advertisers and administrators
  • Wrote a microframework (based on Flask) for step-by-step replacement of the old legacy code (based on apache + mod_python)
  • Standardized a bunch of core modules written in Python (not only at, but for whole Seznam infrastructure

C++ Programmer

Feb 2013 - May 2014 a.s. @ | Prague

Working in a smaller team developing servers for context advertisements’. Learned how to deal with large repositories and how to work on the same codebase with other programmers: coding standards, reviews, advanced versioning, packaging, project structure.

  • Built an internal testing system for RPC servers based on Python’s Unittest2 module (this system survived for 8 years)
  • Worked on the first version of automatic adult content testing for the internal approval system

Senior Python Programmer

Aug 2011 - Feb 2013

Glogster a.s. | Prague

Built an education platform based on Python and Cassandra (old codebase was completely rewritten). Completed OOP solution based on data models. Project cold-start. New features analysis and further implementation.

PHP Programmer

Mar 2010 - Jul 2011

Web Design Factory s.r.o. | Prague

High-load MySQL optimization, bottle-neck searching. Old PHP code improvement, implementation of new features. After half a year, new Glogster application architecture and code development. Switched from PHP to Python language.

C++ Programmer

May 2005 - Aug 2008

First all-Siberian investment company „ICSI” | Novosibirsk

Developing software for keeping customers' stock baskets and accounts. Supporting a previous version of an application. Intranet system administration and solving users' problems.